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Khandro-la generously offers public talks, workshops and teachings to a range of people, including children, youth, leaders, women and anyone interested to tap into their inner depth and engage in a meaningful life. Often people from different religious faiths, and different lineages of Buddhism enjoy her joyful and inspiring sharing. She speaks beyond culture and religious boundaries, sharing personal experiences with passion and integrity that come directly from the heart. She loves to chant and has a most beautiful voice.

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      Khandro Rinpoche's Upcoming Teaching Schedule:
   K'Gari 2018

Bhutan 2018

Fraser Island Meditation

Khandro Rinpoche 2017

Ayurvedic Retreat, South India

Khandro Rinpoche


Khandro Rinpoche will be teaching in Australia in 2019. Please contact your local coordinator to keep up to date with details as they become known.


18th and 19th July
Programme to be advised
Contact: Marco Deibe


Day Workshop

Sunday July 21st 10am till late evening  Sacha Ma Ma Sanctuary, Byron Bay Hinterland
Join in a day of meditation/prayer/dharma talks/and sound healing. The evening will be filled with devotional music and song. Khandro Rinpoche shares her wisdom with the community of Darpan in a beautiful natural sacred enviornment. Sacha Ma Ma Sanctuary is nested in the outer caldera of an ancient super volcano, known to the Bundjalung people  as Wollumbin. It features lush rainforest, gardens, clean,pristine waters and a rich diversity of indigineous flora and fauna.
Contact Sacha Ma Ma Community direct or Khachodling Dakini Sanctuary +61-7-43254438

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24th July - 7th August 2019
Contact: Stuart Lord  +61 488 487 526  /  Download Flyer

Friday, 26 July:

Sacred Healing Sounds

7 pm, Hodgkin Hall, Friends’ School, 23 Commercial Road, North Hobart (entry via Carr St)
Cost: $20 Book via email

An evening of deep sound healing from ancient cultures, including an offering from Khandro Rinpoche of the powerful Tibetan healing ritual “Chod”, which resonates & activates deep & subtle aspects of our being.

Saturday, 27 July:
Tara Puja & Blessed Food

10-12 pm, Drukha Studio, 208 Warwick St, West Hobart
Cost: $15 Book via email

A blessing ceremony & sharing of food, with Khandro Rinpoche conducting a puja for Tara (the female buddha of compassion).

Public Talk — Sustainability from the Ground Up

4—6 pm, Drukha Studio, 208 Warwick St, West Hobart
Cost: $15 Book via email

Sunday, 28 March:
Yoga & Mandala Making

10-12 pm, Orkines Community House, 540 Old Forcett Rd, Dodges Ferry
Cost: $20 Book via email

Naga Puja & Prayer Flag Ceremony

2-4 pm, Orkines Community House, 540 Old Forcett Rd, Dodges Ferry
Cost: by offering Book via email

Khandro Rinpoche offers a puja, closely related to the local environment & spirits, to increase harmony, peace and prosperity.

Wednesday, 31 July:
Public Talk — The Heart of Mindfulness

7-9 pm, Drukha Studio, 208 Warwick St, West Hobart
Cost: $20 Book via email

Mindfulness is a tool, which is proven to reduce stress & help us return to what is most meaningful in our lives. Khandro Rinpoche will deepen our understanding and answer our questions.

Friday, 2 August:
Public Talk — Dancing with Death

5pm, South Hobart Community Hall, 14 Weld Street, South Hobart 
Cost: $20 Book via email

Introducing a playful way to face our fears about death & dying (a prelude to the weekend retreat).

Saturday & Sunday, 3-4 August
Fearless Living & Dying Retreat with Amithaba Empowerment

10-4 pm Saturday & 10-2 pm Sunday, South Hobart Community Hall, 14 Weld Street, South Hobart
Cost: $120 Book via email

Going deeper into opening our awareness of living & dying without fear. Khandro Rinpoche will generously bestow the empowerment & introduce the practice of Buddha Amithaba, particularly associated with longevity & assisting us through the process of death. A rare & precious opportunity from such a highly respected female Vajrayana lineage holder.


7th August - mid November 2019
Contact : Sam Nelson  +61 400 244 438


Mid November 2019 - February 2020












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