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"In this day and age even though outwardly it seems that in some ways we are in a much degenerated time, please realise that we are nevertheless in a time when many great masters exist. If we have pure vision, these masters are inseparable from the great masters of the past and inseparable from the Buddha himself.

So just open yourself totally without any doubt. If we keep ourselves open, Guru Rinpoche, Tara, all the Bodhisattvas are there, right in front of us, blessing us all the time. So whether we are easterners or westerners, our physical appearance doesn't matter - the blessings are always there. So pursue your practice and be aware!"

- Khandro-la


Tashi Deleg!

As I sit here now in my little retreat, I wanted to share some of this awesome experience - of containment, depth and heart warmth among my community. I am so appreciative, especially after so many years of remaining away from my home. However please know that in the midst of all of this, to tell you truth, I do miss my western family and students. I am East- West, Emaho!

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Emi-la passing

Emi-la, our light in this human realm has passed into parinirvana.

Please connect your heart and mind now to this great being - he is devotion, he is space, he is our very essence.

Emi-la passed in Manali on 23rd August at the age of 92, amidst unseasonably fine weather in India, typhoons in Hong Kong and kookaburras laughing in Australia. The entire family of his beloved Guru Apho Rinpoche were with him in Manali just as he wished. As prayers and rituals begin the holy body fills the air with perfume.

Since the age of 15, Emi-la tirelessly served his beloved Guru Apho Rinpoche and family as if it was his own life blood. His devotion melted with blessings and his humility, joy, love and wisdom became renowned. Emi was a ritual master, a scholar, gardener, astrologer and expert herbalist. He was known for incense making and statue filling. Everything he did was with perfect view and execution.

Emi-la, you remain our protector, our guide, our light - forever.

It was the most unfortunate day when we lost such an extraordinary living being - it also was the most amazing day to celebrate such an accomplished practitioner.

Let us join hands and connect to Precious Being! EM AH HO

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