"Kyibuk" Hermitage, Mulbeck


L-R: Sonam Angmo, Jigme Angmo & Tenzin Chozang; Nilza Angmo, Chemat Dolker & Tenzin Kasang


In 2016, these 6 young girls are enrolled in a local private school for their secular education while they live and receive their cultural education in our Mulbeck "Kyibuk" Himalayan Home with houseparents. Modern academic education is a rare opportunity for young women and Khachodling is so happy to support these bright students, who are very connected to their spiritual Himalayan heritage.

Whilst the girls are living at "Kyibuk" and are receiving a rich Buddhist education from experienced monks and nuns, they themselves have not taken vows to become nuns. This decision to lead a monastic or lay life will be entirely up to each individual later in life.

Khachodling aims to provide these young girls with both a sound academic and spiritual education so whichever path they choose they will be well equipped for the modern world.



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