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We support many children across different stages of learning

A Sustainable and Holistic Approach to Education

Khachodling aims to nuture “good human beings” by providing poor Himalayan children a balance of modern academic education, a grounding in ethical values, a sense of well being and an ongoing connection to the wisdom of their ancient Himalayan culture.

The Fund supports a range of children - most living with their families and going to local public schools, some children attending boarding schools, those seeking tertiary education, skills development and training in Delhi and children living with Himalayan houseparents at Khachodling's Himalayan homes/hermitages. The Himalayan homes are called "Kyibuk", which means "Happy cave".

By complementing each child's academic education with a deeper connection with their cultural heritage, they are provided with a "holistic eastern education". They become well educated in academics and life skills enabling them to thrive in the fast-paced modern world, while holding positive values and a strong link to their Himalayan communities and culture.

This vision requires you to succeed!

Join the Khachodling Support Team in providing Himalayan children ongoing security, excitement, hope and aspiration for their futures, plus a deep sense of belonging to their heritage.

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How is support distributed?

All donations go into the Himalayan Education and Culture Fund and are distributed equally across the community of children. Khandro Thrinlay Chodon is responsible for allocating funds and Khachodling India reports annually on expenditure. As a Supporter you can be happy that you are supporting all Khachodling's students. As mentioned above, your support covers the direct costs of school fees, books and materials, uniforms and clothing, food & board (where children attend boarding school), houseparents/teachers allowance, travel home to see parents and families where students are living a distance away and the annual celebration dinner offered to students and their families. If Khachodling is fortunate enough to have any additional amount within the fund after these expenses, this may be contributed towards next years fees or securing the project's future and sustainability.

Tax Deductible Status

Khachodling India is a registered charitable trust and holds tax deductible status in India.

Donations $2 or more to Khachodling Himalayan Culture and Education Fund are tax deductible. Khachodling Ltd is a registered Charity with PBI status - ABN 99785518295

Support a child's education for less than the cost of 1 coffee a day