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Creating a future, preserving a past

Since 2009, the Himalayan Culture and Education Fund (HCEF) has enabled dozens of Himalayan children in need to improve their future prospects by providing financial scholarships for primary, secondary, tertiary and university education. Gaining an education strengthens families and communities and also improves the future opportunities for Himalayan children (particularly for girls in India). "We know that real transformation happens - and lasts - when communities are empowered to change their own circumstances. Education is crucial to this empowerment” World Vision

A rich and ancient culture is dying

The Himalayan culture, which is steeped in rich traditions and strong community connections, is dying as families are forced to move away from their nomadic lifestyles and remote villages towards cities in search of work and livelihood. The HCEF runs weekly meditation classes and Himalayan cultural activites each Sunday as part of its commitment to a new generation of children and their parents to provide a holistic and balanced education. The balance of developing ethics and values of the heart in tandem with the intellect of the mind is crucial to the sustainability of future Himalayan communities. "Our home-based ancient cultural traditions and Buddhist principles provide emotional intelligence, focused deep meaning and stability in this fast-paced, ever-changing, hectic world” Khandro Thrinlay Chodon, Founder of HCEF

Create positive change for a new generation

Make a one-off tax-deductible offering or support children's education with a recurring donation each month
In 2018 we are supporting: 
  • 10 Primary school students 
  • 11 Boarding school students 
  •  3 Tertiary school students 

Practice generosity today and receive the warm-heartedness forever! 

 "A more peaceful world can become reality only if we educate, not only the brain, but also the heart." His Holiness the Dalai Lama


Meet some of our Students

  • Rajat

    Student in Manali

    Rajat's father died of a heart attack in 2010 and he is an only child. It is very difficult to be widowed in their community they are looked down upon. More >

  • Rinchen

    Tertiary Studies - "Kyibuk", Delhi

    Rinchen has been cared for by Khandro Rinpoche since her mother suddenly passed away.
    "I am very thankful because Khandro Rinpoche feels that I can achieve things in my life." More >

  • Ngawang

    University, Varanasi

    "My parents are farmers in a remote village. In my family nobody is educated. I really want to study, be educated and become a good monk" More >

  • Penma

    Student in Manali

    Penma lives at boarding school, her parents live separately and can not take care of her during the holidays. The Khachodling team plans to give Penma much needed attention and care. More >

Khachodling supports students at different stages of education. Find out more


  • “My sister was very moved by the sentiment of this gift and really loved it. Thanks for the opportunity to give a gift that keeps on giving”


  • “I know my ongoing support will go directly to improving the future opportunities of each child's life. I'm happy that I can share their life stories with my own children. ”


  • “Let us make our life meaningful and leave positive imprints of thought, word and deed”

    Khandro Thrinlay Chodon

Support a child's education for less than the cost of 1 coffee a day