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  Kyabje Khyentse  

His Holiness Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche (1910-1991)

Kyabje Rinpoche was for me, Guru Rinpoche in person. Due to our family connection with His Holiness I had heard much about his great realisation. I had a strong wish and made fervent prayers to see him in person. When I did finally met him in Nepal, it was at a time when I was deeply grieving the loss of my mother and felt that everything had fallen apart. His blessing and guidance brought me back to life. Everything melted in his presence. He was very kind. He took me under his wing and gave me personal meditation instruction. Later he sent me to meditate under the guidance of Sengdrak Rinpoche. The care and deep guidance Kyabje Rinpoche provided was unusual for me, especially as a woman.

  Sengdrak Rimpoche  

Sengdrak Rinpoche (1947-2005)

Sengdrak Rinpoche was the Milarepa of this age. He always remained in retreat. He completed the preliminary practices (Ngondro) 15 times. He was a student of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche as well as of my father, Apho Rinpoche. When I was a little girl he often visited our home as a student, receiving teachings from my father and Gegen Rinpoche. Since he was a hidden yogi and so humble, I was unable to recognise his realisation as a child, but I always found him very special and he always treated me with deep respect as the daughter of his guru.

Following the instruction of Kyabje Khyentse Rinpoche, I went to Sengdrak Rinpoche's mountain hermitage in Nepal, and it was there that I began to see in him all the qualities of a perfect master. He taught, and very personally guided me in solitary retreat. The most fruitful and cherishing moments of my life was the time I spent in my little hut in his mountain hermitage. I can never repay his great kindness.

  Gegen Khyentse Rinpoche  

Gegen Khyentse Rinpoche (1913-1998)

Gegen Khyentse Rinpoche possessed the perfect qualities of a true yogi. He was always so submissive and humble in whatever he did. He displayed all the teachings in his actions. I was fortunate to grow up in his lap hearing the stories of Milarepa, Guru Rinpoche and those of the renowned masters of the past. Under his guidance I did the preliminary practices and received all the Mahamudra teachings in a very personal way. I lost my father when I was very young and sometimes I saw him as my godfather and sometimes as Buddha. He is and always will be the most inspiring person on the earth for me.

  His Holiness the IXth Shabdrung Rinpoche  

His Holiness the IXth Shabdrung Rinpoche (1955-2003)

His Holiness was my guru in practical life. He made me realise that dharma teachings lie inherent in all of life's activities - in serving, in cooking, and even in seeing and loving. My five years of married life with him helped me understand the essence of all the teachings I had received. Witnessing his style of living and the process of his death has been one of the greatest teachings of my life. His fearlessness, wrathfulness and insights are now my guiding light. I will always remain grateful to him.

  Amla - Sangyum Urgyen Chodon  

Sangyum Urgyen Chodon (1931-1985)

My treasured mother was without doubt my guide and inspiration in both spiritual and worldly life. Her love and devotion to the lineage infused in me a deep respect for the profound teachings. My mother was often the secret guide for my father's students and would give beautiful commentaries on the teachings he taught. She always liked to remain in the background, providing assistance to everyone who visited the monastery. She left a permanent imprint in my mind of what is a genuine practitioner, and in so doing she gave me a most essential gift - an understanding of dharma that has brought deep meaning to my life. I will always cherish the memories of our time spent together.


As well as these great masters there are many people who have been an inspiration to me in my life. My work is now a dedication to all of them. Without their unfathomable compassion I would be lost in this wide world. They will always live in me and never be separated from me, even for a moment.

May their blessings touch and help all beings.

  Khandro-la with gurus  

Although these masters are no longer here in this external world, they remain inseparably united in the corolla lotus of my heart. My work and my life are an offering to their inexhaustible kindness.

Here is a poem dedicated to them

A Prayer dedicated to my Beloved Masters
As I sit on my meditation cushion,
My heart is filled with gratitude to you,
My precious masters,
For showing the intrinsic nature of mind,
Beyond grasping.
My eyes are filled with tears of devotion to you,
The jewel of my heart.
When I think of the inexhaustible ocean of your wisdom,
Your kindness and unfathomable qualities,
I truly believe that you are the essence of all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.
Please remain inseparable from the lotus corolla of my heart.
Please bestow upon me, your unfortunate child,
The blessings of your body, speech and mind.
Never let me stray from the shadow of your compassion,
Even for a second.
Hold me deep, deep within you.
May the radiance of your being manifest itself again and again,
In this world, to liberate countless beings from their endless suffering.

- Khandro-la



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"All this I offer to my gurus"

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