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Friends of Khachodling
Friends of Khachodling

Friends of Khachodling


Giving is a reciprocal relationship


You can be a friend of Khachodling at the level of involvement that works for you. Simply join the email list to hear about events and progress and Khandro-la's teachings. You can donate financially or skills and time. Khachodling is a community of people who join together in a spirit of love and care. The vision of Khachodling requires your support to become a reality. Skills, knowledge and finance are required. Join together with us to help build this vision. Give what, when and how you can.

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There are three ways you can offer funds to Khachodling - Direct deposit, online credit card payment, or cheque. Your donation may be for a general or specific purpose.

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I have skills and or services I would like to volunteer

Time and skills is one of the key ways you can support the work of Khachodling, not just in India , but especially in your home country. Let us know what time, skills and services you may have to offer and we will liase with you further. This is also log in area for existing volunteers.



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Khandro-la Namaste

"All this I offer to my gurus"

Boudhanath Stupa