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  pilgrimages   Pilgrimages
Khandro-la specialises in leading pilgrimages as a spiritual practice.

On pilgrimage we open heartedly visit holy sites where great masters have meditated. Khandro-la enjoys sharing her expertise of the Himalayan regions, her family connections to the great places and practitioners of this area, and acting as a cultural bridge between east and west. Khandro-la has recently begun leading pilgrimages also to sacred sites in other countries.

To learn more about pilgrimage, to read notes from past pilgrimages and discover any upcoming tours please click here.

  Teachings   Teachings, Talks and Workshops
Khandro Thrinlay Chodon is a lay Buddhist practitioner and teacher whom is devoted to bringing the wisdom of her ancient tradition alive in our modern world. Led by consumerism, people have become slaves to their insatiable desires and thus disconnected from their inner beauty. Khandro-la’s teachings skilfully inspire us to deepen our awareness and courageously expand into the path of wisdom, joy and compassion. Exuberant and caring, she has a deep understanding of the western mind.

Khandro-la does offer trainings and transmissions to her more dedicated students. These are directly from her lineage and are the mind treasures of her great grandfather, Togden Shakya Shri. At this time she refuses to offer any empowerments.

For Khandro-la’s schedule please click here

  Bollywood Dance Night   Special Events
Khachodling and its friends often hold special events that have the aim of gathering people together to raise awareness and funds in an environment of mutual care and joy.

Your connection with Khachodling’s projects and Khandro-la’s teaching may begin with coming to such an event. It may have been a gathering at a friend’s home or a talk Khandro-la gave at a school, or a breakfast for the projects where the Khachodling DVD and photos were shown.

There are also bigger events - like the Bollywood night, the fundraising luncheon with talented Tibetan musicians, or the “Women of Wisdom Dinner” with a discussion between Khandro-la and Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo.

These have been some of Khachodling’s special events. Come yourself, invite your friends – have fun and connect to the Khachodling vision and projects!

To learn of any such events that may be on now or in the future please click here

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