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"Dharma Friend" 

$1/day to support the living expenses of spiritual practitioners in the Himalayas

Mostly we spend our monies without much attention. If you put aside $1 a day you can make a big difference to the life and well being of the spiritual practitioners in the remote Himalayas. This "dharma friend" fund is used to cover the expenses of food, clothing and basic traditional medical costs for these devoted nuns and yogis.

They in return will make prayers and send blessings for your well being in this chaotic world. It is a special relationship beyond expectations.

  Dharma Friend  

Khachodling Nunnery

The sponsorship that people like your­selves offer goes into a general fund at the nunnery (not to each individual) and is used for the personal care of the nuns. It covers things like food, robes, books, toiletries, medicines and educational expenses. Any item of offering is for the use of all according to the need at the time. It is particu­larly important within a community to keep equality and the nuns recognise and have asked for this.

Other Himalayan Areas

Khachodling supports the long-term practitioners of Shakya Sri's yogi lineage in the Himalayas who are getting older. They are deep in their practice but physically deteriorating. There are three localities where such yoginis and yogis are greatly helped by offerings - Mulbeck, Kardang, Tayul and Peukar. All are in the remote Indian Himalayas.

Please see photos of many of the nuns/yogis whom Khachodling supports

  nuns simplicity  

Becoming a "Dharma Friend" 

You become a "Dharma Friend" of a Khachodling nun/yogi when you offer $1 per day for at least one year. Should you wish to do so click the "Donate Now" button at the end of most website pages.

Once a "Dharma Friend" you will be contacted by our coordinator who will ensure you select and receive a profile of the nun you are sponsoring. The coordinator will assist you in an ongoing way regarding your contact with the nun and the activities of the Khachodling nunnery.

Should you simply wish to make further enquiries about this programme, please write to


A note about Khandro-la's being sponsored as a child 

Khandro-la herself as a child was sponsored in her western boarding school education by an Australian civil engineer. He had chosen her child photo out of the many that were presented to him that day long ago. Now they are both adults, it can be said that this relationship has been very important to each of their lives and has extended far beyond the bounds of the first simple act of material giving. (click here for newspaper article) Sponsorship helped her learn English and be educated in a western way, however more than that it has led to many, many levels of unexpected delight and journeying.

  Every time a nun or yogi practices everyone involved in supporting their act is also practising - we are interdependent and the benefit is shared equally  

A comment from Khandro-la about the term "sponsorship"

I have always felt that the word sponsorship doesn't really reflect the correct relationship between someone who financially support my projects, in particular the nunnery and those who receive.

One reason that I cannot relate to this term is that it seems too individualistic.  I make a point of not giving to individual nuns as this works against the principle of sharing and non attachment. Individual giving has led to pride and greed.  This is not dharma practice and at all times must be guarded against. I want Khachodling to bring true dharma into the hearts of both those giving and receiving. 

Another reason I tend not to use the term sponsor is that often it is thought of as a one-way relationship of giving.  Giving, as the teachings say, is a reciprocal act.  My spiritual and cultural heritage is rich in what it offers to others and I am not begging for finance of the nuns or projects.  Those who offer money, finance, skills or whatever, are practicing the paramita of generosity.  This is one of the most important practices of a bodhisattva for it develops the bodhicitta mind.  

One should give without expectation just as one should practice receiving without expectation.  The result is that everything you receive is in abundance.  If this is the pure mind that offerings to Khachodling are made and accepted then the dharma work of Khachodling will be successful.

                                                - Khandro-la

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